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Hi! I am Farah an engineer plus a passionate writer. I am here to write and post cool technology news for you. I have degree in Software Engineering from International Islamic University.

Telenor Velocity

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Telenor Velocity is a leading Accelerator in Pakistan that helps startups in growing their business. Are you a new startup with developed product and looking for a place to get support?The Telenor velocity team works closely with the startups to…

List of companies to get startup funding in Pakistan

2 min read

In Pakistan the startup and entrepreneurship culture is raising day by day. Every day we hear about new startups in Pakistan that join the market. As a new startup you have to manage your own budget but after sometime they…

100Tech.co Interview with Arzish Azam of JustPrice.pk

3 min read

An exclusive interview with Arzish Azam CEO and founder of JustPrice.pk from Pakistan. Q. Tell us about yourself. (Age, Education, background, experience etc) Ans. I’m a 20-year-old tech entrepreneur Arzish Azam trying to build a sustainable tech startup from Islamabad. Having started…

How to take your startup to $100 Million

2 min read

Know the art of taking your startup to $100 Million through simple ways. Whether you are founder or employee working in a startup environment is a great deal. Every day you see new challenges, face them and resolve them. All…

BMW Vision Next 100

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Dream car BMW Vision Next 100

Top 10 Inspiring Entrepreneurs Quotes

2 min read

Inspiring entrepreneurs quotes can change the way you think No one can ever say that it is easy to be an entrepreneur because it is a 24 hours job requiring you to stay productive.  But sometimes it is hard to…

Technology Incubation Center, NUST

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The Technology Incubation Center (TIC) in Islamabad is an initiate done by the National University of Science and Technology (NUST). The TIC startup Incubator aims to promote technology based business ideas and supports them in becoming a vital part of…

Ways to do free Startup Marketing

2 min read

You have got an idea, developed a product and opened a new startup. After doing all this next big step would be startup marketing. The startup marketing will allow you to tell the world about your product or services. In…

Logitech Driving Force GT for gamers

1 min read

The Logitech driving force GT will take your gaming experience to another level. The driving force GT is designed for gamers to boost their gaming experience. The driving force GT official wheel lets you to enjoy the racing experience as…

King Robota Live Show at Dubai, UAE

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King Robota is a 10 feet tall robot that has been located in Dubai, UAE. People of Dubai you will be so excited because King Robota is getting live in Dubai, UAE. King Robota 10 feet tall robot has the ability…