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Why you need to have Dubai Mall App before visiting Dubai Mall?

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Get the Dubai Mall App before you visit Dubai Mall If you are planning to visit Dubai mall then the best choice would be to get the Dubai mall app in your smart phone. The reason is that Dubai mall…

Chicago 360 Tilt

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Chicago 360 presents TILT

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TILT is the most thrilling experience presented by Chicago 360 If you have ever visited Chicago then you will be well familiar that it is the third most populous city in United States of America. The Chicago skyline is considered…

How To Make Your Pictures Stand Out With photography app Holo

< 1 min read

If you love photography then this app would be something that you should have. Holo app- Holograms for Pictures and Videos in Augmented Reality. Holo app is an AR cmera app. Holo app has been designed in such a way…

Careem Introduced Free Wifi Service in Dubai

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Careem a Dubai based app has introduced Wifi service for its customers on all business class cars. Careem aims to enhance its customers experience all across UAE. All the customers will able to access the wifi free of cost after…

Top 6 Best Travel Booking Apps

2 min read

Are you planning to trip somewhere? Do you need travel agent? Forget about the trip agent when you can have a bunch of wonderful travel apps in your smart phone. All these travel apps offer best features to help you…

World First Hyperloop between Dubai and Abu Dhabi

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Hyperloop is a new way of transportation from one place to another in less time. Dubai reportedly announced that they have signed a deal with HyperloopOne to develop world first Hyperloop between Dubai and UAE capital Abu Dhabi. This transportation…