How Google Doodle Celebrates Pakistan Independence Day?

2 min read

Happy Independence Day to all Pakistan turns 70 today and everyone is celebrating Independence Day to show their love with their beloved country. Google doodle also shows love for Pakistan every year through various beautiful ways. 14th August 2011 was…

Telenor Velocity

< 1 min read

Telenor Velocity is a leading Accelerator in Pakistan that helps startups in growing their business. Are you a new startup with developed product and looking for a place to get support?The Telenor velocity team works closely with the startups to…

List of companies to get startup funding in Pakistan

2 min read

In Pakistan the startup and entrepreneurship culture is raising day by day. Every day we hear about new startups in Pakistan that join the market. As a new startup you have to manage your own budget but after sometime they… Interview with Arzish Azam of

3 min read

An exclusive interview with Arzish Azam CEO and founder of from Pakistan. Q. Tell us about yourself. (Age, Education, background, experience etc) Ans. I’m a 20-year-old tech entrepreneur Arzish Azam trying to build a sustainable tech startup from Islamabad. Having started…

Black Friday Deals in Pakistan

2 min read

Many online stores have opened Black Friday deals in Pakistan. What is Black Friday? Black Friday is considered to be the thanks giving day in United States since 1932. It is beginning of the Christmas shopping season so many major…