Telenor Velocity

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Telenor Velocity is a leading Accelerator in Pakistan that helps startups in growing their business. Are you a new startup with developed product and looking for a place to get support?The Telenor velocity team works closely with the startups to…

Top 10 Inspiring Entrepreneurs Quotes

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Inspiring entrepreneurs quotes can change the way you think No one can ever say that it is easy to be an entrepreneur because it is a 24 hours job requiring you to stay productive.  But sometimes it is hard to…

Technology Incubation Center, NUST

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The Technology Incubation Center (TIC) in Islamabad is an initiate done by the National University of Science and Technology (NUST). The TIC startup Incubator aims to promote technology based business ideas and supports them in becoming a vital part of… Interview with Ibrahim Colak of mrUsta

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An Exclusive Interview with Ibrahim Colak of mrUsta  Q. Tell us about yourself. (Education, background, experience etc) Ans. I’m originally from Istanbul, Turkey, and spend the best part of the last 8 years in Dubai. I hold a bachelor’s degree…

Killer ways to make perfect Investor Pitch Deck

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Making the perfect investment pitch deck is an art. Today we will guide you in making the best startup pitch deck that would grab investor attention from the first slide. The investment pitch deck plays a very important role in…

SeedStartup Accelerator Dubai

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 The Seedstartup is a startup accelerator based in Dubai. The Seedstartup is not just accelerator but they have also provided venture funding to different startups across the globe. The have invested in Italy, UK, US, Bahrain, Jordon, India, Tanzania and…

Jumpstart Shepherd Pie Season III

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Attention all startups Get the opportunity to represent Pakistan in Switzerland and win $1 Million Investment through Jumpstart Shepherd Pie Season III. Jumpstart Shepherd Pie Season III has officially launched in Pakistan. Jumpstart Shepherd Pie Season III is the annual…

Ideation Lab series:Learn Advertising & Promotions

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Learn about the secrets of Marketing and Promotions in Ideation Lab Series. Ideation Labs a well-known name in Dubai industry is conducting another lab on  15th January 2017. The prime purpose of Ideation Lab series this time is to teach… Startup Incubator in Dubai

< 1 min read is new name in Dubai startup incubator world. The is basically a joint venture between Saudi Telecom Company and All Asia Networks. They have opened offices in Dubai and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The new digital incubator focuses on the Arab…

Plan9 Technology Incubator for Startups

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Plan9 is the project of the Punjab Information Technology Board launched in August 2012. The Plan9 program provides entrepreneurs with the opportunity to chase their business dreams by using the technology. Plan9 is the Pakistan largest Technology Incubator that has…